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Product Sales

Nose Extension

for RAD Air NutRunners

RAD10GX extension
RAD Pneumatic nutrunner: speed up maintenance & shutdowns on high torque applications.

Delivered Aust Wide
Download Nose Extension
Download Wheel Nut Solutions with Nose Extensions

NutRunner Nose Extension Selection Chart

Tool Models Extension A B C D
RAD 1400NG 15" 140mm 406mm 72mm 92mm
RAD 1800NG 15" 140mm 406mm 72mm 92mm
RAD-2000 15" 140mm 410mm 72mm 92mm
RAD-30 15" 140mm 401mm 72mm 92mm
RAD 10GX 15 " N/A 400mm 63mm N/A
RAD 25GX 15" 140mm 410mm 72mm 92mm
RAD 34GX 15" 140mm 410mm 80mm 92mm

Nose Extension diagram

RAD TorqueRear wheel application


wheel reaction arm
RAD Reaction Bars & Custom fittings
for every high torque wrench application - see more

The Total Torque Solution!

ALL RAD Nutrunner Tools include
hoses, & torque charts, in a weatherproof shipping case.
Delivered Australia Wide

Your High Torque Solution
all in one box!

Download Regulator & Cradle
RAD Shipping box

RAD Air wrench

See the full range of versatile single speed Nutrunner and
2 Speed NutRunner models.

RAD 18V Battery Air torque wrench

See Battery Nut Runner for the ultimate portable High Torque Wrench.

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