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Hydraulic Torque Wrench -Square drive


WREN 2-1/2" Square drive Hydraulic  torque multiplier
WREN wrench LogoThe WREN IBT Series

Torque from 182 to 70,000 Nm
Square Drives: 3/4",  1",
                      1-1/2",  2-1/2"

WREN HYDRAULIC TORQUE WRENCHES ... Accurate Controlled Torque + /- 3% ... Safer Operation - Hands free Remote Control...
Zero Vibration ... Small size=Easy Access ... Heavy Duty Construction ... Most Power to weight ... Crack the Tightest Rusted Bolt! 

Square Drive Hydraulic Torque Wrenches

WREN IBT-3 Torque Wrench

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Model Square
Torque Output Weight KG
Ft Lbs NM
IBT-1 3/4" 134 to 1344 182 to 1821 2.5
IBT-3 1" 328 to 3278 444 to 4442 5
IBT-5 1 1/2" 547 to 5470 741 to 7412 8
IBT-8 1 1/2" 783 to 7831 1061 to 10,611 11
IBT-10 1 1/2" 1127 to 11,272 1527 to 15,274 15
IBT-20 2 1/2" 1937 to 19,370 2625 to 26,247 26
IBT-25 2 1/2" 2523 to 25,226 3419 to 34,182 35
IBT-35 2 1/2" 3535 to 35,354 4790 to 47,905 50
IBT-50 2 1/2" 5230 to 52,300 7087 to 70,867 87
diagram WREN Torque wrench
Download Hydraulic Torque Wrench Flyer

WREN: worlds largest manufacturer of Hydraulic Torque Wrenches, with full ISO9001:2000 certification. Service, Support, Calibration & 12 Month Warranty is guaranteed direct through the Australian importer. Large Stocks and Spare parts held in Australia.

Designed for heavy industry these torque tools dominate Mining, Petrochemical and Power Generation Infrastructure maintenance. Built to last, most power, lightest & smallest tooling in their class.

The Heavy Industry Workhorse of Maintenance.
IBT Torque Wrench

WREN Hydraulic Torque Wrench Square Drive Series WREN Torque muliplier application

Hydraulic Torque Wrenches are the lightest, smallest, accurate and most powerful high torque tool to use in Industrial applications. Compared to Electric Nut Runners or Pneumatic Torque Wrenches: half the weight & size with double the power, accuracy and reliability. Hydraulic torque wrenches established the perfect balance of quality, design, features & price.

Hire before you Purchase: Hydraulic Sq Drive Torque Wrench courier Aust Wide.
Torque 82 Ft Lbs to 53,000 ft lbs with Square Drives from 3/4", 1", up to 2-1/2".

Hydraulic Square Drive Torque Wrenches: The WREN Series, constructed of super strength aluminum-titanium alloy, offer a compact design, and steel alloy for durability and strength plus minimizing weight.

WREN: the worlds biggest manufacturer of Hydraulic High Torque Tools, with ISO9001:2000 certification. Complete Service, Support, Calibration & 1 year Warranty is guaranteed from the importer directly.

As a Distributor for WREN Hydraulic Torque wrenches we have access to spare parts and large stock held in Australia, and over 25 years combined Torque Tooling experience.


Hydraulic Torque Wrench Pumps

PE-55 Hydraulic Wrench Pumps use specific valving to operate Hydraulic Wrench Tools. The Advance Side (via the regulator) operates from 1,500 - 10,000PSI to control the torque output. The auto shift valve regulates the Retract Side to 1,500 PSI. Pumps can be Air or 240 Volt driven. Supplied with chrome frame, Couplers, oil, remote control, 4" Gauge - Ready to go.

Protect your Investment

Pump Protection Frame
A Steel Pump Roll Cage protects against transport damage and rough handling.
torque wrench shipping box Weatherproof Case

Shipping Containers

Available to ensure all tooling remains together and can be transported to site. Tough, lockable lid with 2 reinforced lifting handles. Containers can accommodate the pump, hose set, sockets and tool.
The boxes offer weather-proof protection on site

The IBT Hydraulic torque wrench tools are suited for Impact sockets and in-Hex Drivers.
HTTV supply to QLD Queensland Brisbane Mackay WA Western Australia Perth Karratha Whyalla Roxby Downs NSW New South Wales Sydney Newcastle VIC Victoria Melbourne SA South Australia Adelaide.

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