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Tube Impact Sockets - torque rated

Tube extra deep Impact Sockets: perfect for difficult bolting applications.

Available in Imperial and Metric sizes.

inhex drivers

Hollow Design for long studs

Suitable for hydraulic, air, electric and battery torque wrenches, air nut runners and Impact Guns

Download Tube Impact Socket Flyer

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3/4" Sq Dr Socket Sets
1" Sq Dr Socket Sets


We can now offer a range of extra deep impact sockets.

These are a One piece construction and Impact Rated, making them suitable for all Impact Guns as well as Torque tooling.

The Hollow design is ideal when thread clearance is required, also lowing the socket weight.
The length starting at 250mm and up to 300mm, will get you out of trouble for those special applications where access is very difficult.

Sizes range from 19mm to 75mm A/F and available in ½”, ¾” & 1” and 1½" Drives

Other sizes available upon request

Tube Impact Sockets - 6 point with 3/4",  1",  1-1/2"    Square Drive





1-1/2" Square Drive sizes

1-1/2" square drive


3/4" Square Drive sizes
1" Square drive Tube


1" Square Drive sizes

1" Tube Impact Socket

Download Tube Impact Socket Flyer

1/2" Square Drive Tube Sockets -12 Point

IMPERIAL 1/2" Square Drive
METRIC 1/2" Square Drive
1/2" Sq Drive Imperial 1/2" sq drive
Sizes in 12 Point 1/2" Square Drive:
3/4",  13/16",  15/16",  1-1/16",  1-1/8",   1-1/16",  1-1/8",
 1-3/16",  1-1/4",  1-5/16",  1-3/8", 1-7/16",  1-1/2",

PDF Brochure
Sizes in 12 Point 1/2" Square Drive:
19,  21,  24,  27,  30,  32,  36 mm

PDF Brochure



1/2", 3/4”,  1”, and 1-1/2” Square Drive Tube Impact sockets can play be critical in smooth maintenance applications within Shutdowns. When a extra deep Impact Socket is holding up maintenance avoid compromise - Hire or rent only High Torque Impact Tube Sockets for all high-torque applications.

NOTE: All Impact Guns, Torque Multipliers, Air Nut Runners. Hydraulic Torque Wrenches & all other high-torque Tools must always use thick-wall Impact Sockets!

Hire Torque Tools Aust now with workshops in NSW, South Australia (servicing Northern Territory) & Melbourne (servicing Tasmania). All Tools are delivered Australia wide.

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