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extension arms for hydraulic torque wrenches    Hydraulic Torque wrench
         Alco Extension Arms

Alco Extended Reaction Arms give options when using hydraulic torque tools, whether the Square Drive or Hex Cassette Low Profile tools, the Alco extension reaction arm allow the use an alterative push off point or contact point.

Typically the longer baseball bat is used, or the Deep Reaction Arm for long/deep impact sockets. Remove the standard reaction arm, clip the extension arm onto the rear of the high torque wrench. Simple change only takes seconds.


Alco Extension arm for IBT series Hydraulic Torque wrench DESCRIPTION
21" Alco to Suit IBT-1     3/4" Drive Hyd Wrench
21" Alco to Suit IBT-3     1" Drive Hyd Wrench
21" Alco to Suit IBT-5     1-1/2" Drive Hyd Wrench
21" Alco to Suit IBT-8     1-1/2" Drive Hyd Wrench
21" Alco to Suit IBT-10   1-1/2" Drive Hyd Wrench

Alco Extension Reaction Arms
Also called "baseball bats" the extension arm offer greater reaction options for all hydraulic torque wrenches. Without a close reaction point with the standard arm, the Alco arm will extend the distance to make a solid contact. Available for Hydraulic Spanner Square Drive & Low Profile Hex Cassette tools.


Alco Extension arm for Hex Cassette tools DESCRIPTION
18" Alco to Suit LOW2
18" Alco to Suit LOW4
18" Alco to Suit LOW8
18" Alco to Suit LOW14

Alco Extension Reaction-Arm - Hex Cassette
The Alco extension arms give more re-action options for high hydraulic high torque wrenches. Without a close reaction point to work from, the Alco arm helps utilize other points.

For the Low Profile Hex Cassette tools the extention arm sslides over the stanard reaction arm which is a section of the cassette Housing itself. A longer pin holds the Power Head.

DEEP REACTION ARMS for Hydraulic Torque Wrenches - IBT Series

Deep Series Reaction arm
Standard Arm -          - Deep Arm

perfect for extra deep Impact Sockets

Deep Reaction Arm to Suit IBT-1 1kg
Deep Reaction Arm to Suit IBT-3 1.2kg
Deep Reaction Arm to Suit IBT-5 2.2kg
Deep Reaction Arm to Suit IBT-8 3.5kg
Deep Reaction Arm to Suit IBT-10 4.7kg

Deep Reaction Arms are good for awkward applications, to clear obstructions or soft/weak contact points that may be damaged. Also for extra deep Impact Sockets.

Deep Reaction Arms are a great addition to any Hydraulic High Torque Wrench kit.

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