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Low Profile Hex Cassette torque

    Low Clearance Hex Cassette
         Torque Wrench

Low Clearance Hydraulic Wrench Series are perfect tools for limited access applications and long-bolt situations.

The versatile Low Clearance Series supports an big range of
interchangeable hex cassette links from 19mm up to 165mm A/F

With Torque coverage of 340 Nm. to 43,000 Nm.

A complete high torque solution!

All Low Clearance Hydraulic Torque Wrench run from 240 Volt or Air Powered
Hydraulic Pumps & standard hoses.  Torque Charts (Calibrated) are included.


Courier Tools Australia Wide

Hex Cassette Low Clearance
Hydraulic Torque WrenchesHex Cassette

WREN Low Clearance
Hex Cassette Brochure

Model Hex Cassette AF Range Torque Output Weight
Imperial Metric Ft Lbs NM KG
2 3/4 - 2-1/4" 19-65mm 171 to 1710 230 to 2330 2
4 1" - 3-1/8" 25-80mm 431 to 4700 585 to 5850 4.4
8 1-5/8 - 4-1/8" 41-105mm 800 to 8550 1100 to 10100 9
14 2-1/2 - 5-3/8" 60-135mm 1346 to 13400 1825 to 18165 15
30 3-1/2 - 6-1/2" 90-165mm 3040 to 31800 6466 to 43108 35.5



WREN Hex Cassette Torque Wrench Hex Cassette Long Bolt Hex Cassette Low Profile Torque wrench

Hex Cassette Low Clearance Wrenches offer flexability and versatility - other Torque Wrenches types cannot.

For Long Bolts:
tighten down thread by-hand, place Hex hydraulic torque wrench over the bolt, onto the nut like a Ring Spanner, the hard work is the Hydraulics job, use the Reaction Pawl to release the pressure and remove Tool - easy! Deep sockets are not "deep" enough to do this, no wonder its called the Hydraulic Ring Spanner.

Tightest Space around nut: when limited space means a nut is against a housing & a wrench + socket wont fit, the thin wall of the Hex Cassette Hydraulic Tool will fit where no other tool will!

The Low Clearance Hex Cassette Hydrauliclow profile Multipier models gice many solutions for difficult flanges, heat exchangers & pressure pipes for the Petrochemical industry. These tool with low clearance features solve access problems where no other tool is even close.

Low Clearance Hex Cassette Hydraulic Tools are the low clearance tool of first choice: like a ring-spanner connected with Torque Multiplier, they have a similar nose radius to impact sockets. These access tools get torque to be the bolts thought impossible.

Video of a Pipe Flange demonstrating a WREN Hex Cassette Low ClearanceTool.

These Low Clearance Hydraulic Torque Wrench are also available for Hire.

Hire solutions offer you the advantage of having the exact Tool needed for your application.

If you already have a Pump & Hose then just Hire the right tool for your job.

Tools are delivered Australia Wide.


Hydraulic Torque Wrench Pumps

KLW-4000 Hydraulic Wrench Pumps are an industry basic for Hydraulic Wrench Tools. The Regulator varies from 1,500 - 10,000PSI to adjust the torque output. The auto-shift valve regulates the back stroke (Retract Side) to 1,500 PSI. Supplied with simple chrome frame, Hose Couplers, oil & remote control with 4" Gauge.

Pumps can also be Air Powered for when 240V is not available, the KLW-4000N pump gives the same full features but a Pneumatic motor power supply.

Protect your Investment

Pump Protection Frame
Steel Pump Surround Roll Cage protects against rough handling and transport damage.
torque wrench shipping box Weatherproof Case

Shipping Containers

Allow all equipment to remain together for transportation to the worksite. These Tough heavy duty plastic cases with lockable lids and 2 reinforced lift handles. Most containers accommodate both pump, Tool, hose set and sockets .
The boxes give weather-proof protection on worksite


Hex Reducers or InsertsHex Cassette Torque Wrench Reducer

Hex Reducers are used to step-down AF sizes within cassette links, therefore expanding the AF size range of one single Hex Casette (or Link)

Each Low Clearance Hex-Cassette Hydraulic Tool has a nose radius very similar to impact sockets. Thus a small radius ensures the tool access to tight applications ie under pipe flanges. The "reducers" are fitted and secured with a retainer ring if required.

NOTE: When selecting a reducer, make sure your reduced " radius clearance" will still permit tool access. Remember that using an Reducer, you INCREASE the total nose radius, thus requiring MORE space so to fit the Hex Tool.

Download Low Profile Hex Cassette Wrench
PDF details the Link sizes that differ for each Hex Link

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