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extension arms for hydraulic torque wrenches    Hydraulic Torque wrench
         Alco Extension Arms

Alco Reaction Arms increase options when using hydraulic torque tools. Whether the Square Drive or Hex Cassette Low Profile tools, the Alco extension reaction arms allow the operator to use an alterative push-off point or reaction point.

Typically this is used when no near-by solid reaction points are available. After removing the standard reaction arm, the extension arm clips onto the rear of the wrench. Change over only takes seconds.


Alco Extension arm for IBT series Hydraulic Torque wrench DESCRIPTION
21" Alco to Suit IBT-1     3/4" Drive Hyd Wrench
21" Alco to Suit IBT-3     1" Drive Hyd Wrench
21" Alco to Suit IBT-5     1-1/2" Drive Hyd Wrench
21" Alco to Suit IBT-8     1-1/2" Drive Hyd Wrench
21" Alco to Suit IBT-10   1-1/2" Drive Hyd Wrench

Alco Extension Reaction Arms
Commonly called "baseball bats" for high torque wrenches. The extension arm offer greater reaction options for hydraulic torque wrenches.When you have no close reaction point with the standard arm, the Alco arm will help get you out of trouble. They are available for Hydraulic Spanner Square Drive & Low Profile Hex Cassette tools.


Alco Extension arm for Hex Cassette tools DESCRIPTION
18" Alco to Suit LOW2
18" Alco to Suit LOW4
18" Alco to Suit LOW8
18" Alco to Suit LOW14

Alco Extension Reaction-Arm - Hex Cassette
The extension arm offer more reaction options for hydraulic torque wrenches. When you have no close reaction point with a standard arm, the Alco arm will help utilize other points.

For the Low Profile Hex Cassette tools the arm slips over the existing reaction-arm which is part of the cassette Housing, and is retained by a longer pin that holds the Power Head in place.

DEEP REACTION ARMS for IBT Series Hydraulic Torque Wrenches

Deep Series Reaction arm
Standard Arm -          - Deep Arm
Excellent for extra deep Impact Sockets
Deep Reaction Arm to Suit IBT-1 1kg
Deep Reaction Arm to Suit IBT-3 1.2kg
Deep Reaction Arm to Suit IBT-5 2.2kg
Deep Reaction Arm to Suit IBT-8 3.5kg
Deep Reaction Arm to Suit IBT-10 4.7kg

Deep Reaction Arms are needed for awkward applications, sometimes to clear pipe work or soft/weak contact points that could be damaged. Also for some extra deep Impact Sockets.

Deep Reaction Arms are an useful addition to any Hydraulic Torque Wrench kit.


Reaction Arm Extensions

extension arm for a sq drive hydraulic wrenchThe reaction-point and arm are sometimes misunderstood. The idea of a reaction arm is to relieve the Tool Operator from trying to hold the tool firmly enough to apply the set torque. When a Tool is exerting anything over about 50 Nm torque it becomes near impossible for you to hold a pistol grip tool. The forces the Tool is putting into the nut is "equal and opposite" to the force needed to hold the tool stable. Thus the reaction-arm takes up that "equal and opposite" force, holding the Tool stable for the socket to turn the nut to the required torque.Alco Extension arm used on a Cat D10

It's like pushing a car: you anchor you feet firmly, so they don't move, then push against the car so it DOES move. The Reaction-Arm does the same! It anchors the Tool to be stable, then pushes against the nut so it moves - rotates. Usually when using a Hydraulic Torque Wrench there is something for the standard Reaction-Arm to connect with, thus anchoring the tool. The anchor point is commonly a nut next to the one you are tightening, or part of the equipment housing, or sometimes just the floor. But when there is no anchor close by, you'll need to find something further away, and solid enough to push against.

In the example image at right, the Alco Extension Arm is used on the diff housing of a Cat 797 Truck. The reaction-point used is the wheel rim, about 500mm from the bolts.

Sometimes an Extension Arm is used when the closest point is not strong enough to hold the Tool stable. Remember the forces / torque the reaction-point is taking, is "equal and opposite" to the force / torque the Tool is exerting on the bolt. So it must be solid!

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