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Tools & Equipment


- delivered Anywhere - Australia wide

WREN Square drive
Hydraulic Torque
Wrench - Sq Drives
cassette wrench
Hex Cassette
Torque Wrenches
RAD350SL Nut Runner
Air Nut Runners
Pneumatic Multiplier
RAD aire Nut Runner
Pumps & Hoses
Impact sockets
Impact Sockets
Reaction Arm Options
Lokrite Safety Backup Wrench






Specialised Torque Tools for Heavy Industries

As authorized distributors of all tooling we hire, Hire Torque Tools Victoria (HTTV) offer the largest range of tooling at competitive prices. Select the latest Models, full featured torque tools in the world. . 95% of customers hiring our tools, hire again. The best test drive is to Hire first!

HTTV offers a full range of powerful hydraulic Multiplier Tooling required by heavy industry. You can select from Pneumatic Nutrunner Multipliers, Multiplier wrenches, plus an impressive array of Porta Power rams and pumps. WREN Hire to mining contractors with need of large sets of Tools for Shutdown maintenance.

Sales, Service and Backup

Workshop with Hydraulic pumpsworkshop with Low Clearance Tools
Hire Torque Tools Vic
: an authorized re-seller of WREN Hydraulic Torque Wrenches (Hydraulic Spanner) and offer total support re: Stock, Warranty, Parts,Technical support and Tool Calibration.

Tough Reliable & proven in the mining industry, WREN Multipliers wrenches give maximum versatility, with 240V or Pneumatic (air driven) Pumps. The Pump Power Packs offer Pressure Gauge, Regulator, 3m Remote Control, Couplers & Oil. Ready to go. All equip is delivered in a weathproof SiteCase.

WREN - the worlds biggest manufacturer of HydraulicTorque Tooling, with ISO9001:2000 certification. All Support, Service, Calibration & 1 Year Warranty is guaranteed through the importer.  A large Stock plus Spare Parts held within Australia, - no worries about buying a fully supported Multiplier Tooling Products -built to work hard & last.

HTTV based in Melbourne. Deliver to Victoria and Australia wide. Torque Multiplier Tools are delivered anywhere via TNT Road Express or Air Express. Where ever you need it, You Get It!

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